Terms & Conditions

Accommodation Terms & Conditions

Thanks for choosing to stay with us, we look forward to welcoming you to Co. Fermanagh. Please read through our booking process below. 


Please note all of our rentals are a minimum hire of 2 nights and during bank holidays 3 nights. During some months we have specific check in and check out days. This information is detailed on each accommodation page.

To make a booking:

  • To confirm a booking, you must complete a booking form and pay a £100 deposit. We are happy to provisionally hold a booking for you for five days while you complete the booking form and organise deposit payment. 
  • Your booking is not confirmed until you have received a confirmation email from us that your deposit has been paid.
  • Your remaining balance for your stay is due four weeks before your arrival date. 
  • A minimum of one week before your stay, a £100 security deposit is payable alongside the completion of our check in form. Your security deposit will be refunded within five days of your departure subject to no unnecessary breakages and the accommodation is left in a reasonable manner. 
  • Our check in form provides details of guests who are stay, which forms our fire safety log.  We are required to gather this information by law and for our insurance. 
  • Once the check in form is complete and security deposit is paid we will send you detailed directions and key information, as well as some other useful information about the accommodation you are staying in, local area and facilities. 

If your stay is within four weeks you full balance is due alongside the booking form to confirm your booking. 


If your stay is within seven days, your full balance, security deposit, booking form and check in form is required to confirm your booking. 


Payment can be made via Bank Transfer of PayPal. These details are available at the end of the booking form. If using PayPal please use the “Friends and Family” Option to avoid PayPal fees. 


Please ensure to reference every payment with your name, and not the name of the accommodation you are staying in! 


When you book with us you should return the completed booking form with your payment(s). Please note that the Deposit is only refundable if you cancel your booking within fourteen days of receiving our written confirmation of your booking.


Once the completed booking form and the deposit have been received and accepted by us, we will issue you with our written confirmation. The contract between us will only be formed when we send you our written confirmation and is subject to these terms and conditions. 


We reserve the right to refuse any booking prior to the issue of our written confirmation. If we do this we will promptly refund any money you have paid to us. You should carefully check the details of our written confirmation and inform us immediately of any errors or omissions.


You are required to send to us your payment for the balance of the rental four weeks prior to the Arrival Date as set out in our written confirmation.  You are required to send us your security deposit a minimum of one week prior to your Arrival Date as set out in our written confirmation. If you fail to make a payment due to us in full and on time we may treat your booking as cancelled by you.


If you need to cancel or amend your booking you must contact us as soon as possible. You will also be required to confirm your cancellation by email.  A cancellation will not take effect until we receive email confirmation from you. If you cancel your booking within fourteen days of receiving our written confirmation, we will refund the balance of any money you have paid us. After such period, if you cancel your booking more than four weeks prior to the Arrival Date, we will retain the Initial Deposit and refund the balance of any money you have paid to us. 


If you cancel your booking less than four weeks prior to the Arrival Date, we reserve the right to retain the Initial Deposit and the Rental.  In these circumstances we will refund the Rental (less the initial deposit) to you if we are able to secure an alternative booking for the Property. 


We would not expect to have to make any changes to your booking, but sometimes problems occur and we do have to make alterations or, very occasionally cancel bookings. If this does happen, we will contact you as soon as is reasonably practical and inform you of the cancellation or the change to your booking and, if it is necessary to cancel your booking, we will refund the balance of any money you have paid us.


  • Detailed key information and directions will be sent to you on payment of your security deposit and completion of your check in form, normally one week prior to your arrival date.
  • You are welcome to check in at 4pm on the day of your arrival, with a departure time of 11am on the day of your departure. 
  • We ask for assistance in adhering to these time to allow for cleaning. However out of the main holiday season, if the property is vacant prior to, or after your departure, we are happy for you to alter your arrival or departure times. This must be done by previous arrangement and confirmed in writing. 


Well behaved pets are welcome and we ask that you do not let them on the furniture, upstairs or in the bedrooms. You are advised to bring a pet basket with bedding and a throw to protect furniture. We ask that you remove all trace of pets from your stay before departing, both inside the accommodation and the grounds outside. 


Any additional cleaning of pet hairs, walls covered in dirt from dogs shaking etc. will necessitate an additional cleaning fee of £40 at the end of your stay.


Accommodation rental fees include:

  • Self catering accommodation for the number of people agreed for each accommodation. If you require an extra bed or wish to accommodate an addition person this must be agreed with the owner and confirmed in writing. There is a charge for additional persons.
  • Price includes all bed linen, towels, central heating and electric. In addition the properties are equipped with basics such as condiments, dishwasher tablets, tinfoil etc. and some properties may have a dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, TV and wireless internet connection.


Our accommodation lends itself to accommodating larger groups, and we can offer accommodation for  14 people between Cygnet Lodge and Tree Top Apartments, and 32 people between Bluebell and Blackberry Cottages and our Woodland Lodges. If booking multiple accommodations discounts are available. Please get in touch for a competitive quote. 

ACTVITIES Terms & Conditions

  • All activities must be pre-booked and balance paid 24 hours before your booking.
  • All equipment required is provided, this includes wetsuits, buoyancy aids and technical activity equipment i.e. paddles, boards, boats etc. However were possible we will encourage you to use your own equipment if you have it i.e. wetsuits, shoes. All equipment is deep cleaned after every use. We do not provide water shoes and appropriate footwear must be worn.
  • Activities are weather dependent and in adverse weather conditions we may have to cancel or rearrange your activity. We will contact you seven days before your booking to confirm appropriate weather forecast or offer an alternative date.
  • All of our activities can be turned into adventure tours which can include BBQ lunch on an island somewhere on the lake. Minimum duration of 4 hours and prices detailed in activity pages.
  • Activities are suitable for children aged 4 years and older. Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult on session.

Wood Fired Hot Tub Terms & Conditions

Please adhere to the following safety considerations and rules when using your hot tub to have a safe and enjoyable experience.


Stove and Heating:

Our hot tubs are wood fired and heated from a small stove located in the side of the hot tub. Similar to a stove or fire in your home, these come to a high temperature and care should be taken when using. It takes the hot tub approx. 3 hours to heat to a suitable temperature for use and the fire should be supervised to ensure it is burning correctly. Only over 18s should stock the stove. The Hot Tub must be filled to 10cm above the highest seat level in the tub BEFORE you start to light the stove. DO NOT light the stove when there is no water in the hot tub.


Water Temperature:

Water temperature in excess of 40oC may be injurious to your health. We recommend you utilise the hot tub between 35oC to 38oC. A thermometer has been provided and if the temperature gets too hot you should stoke the fire less and add cold water using the hose provided.


Water Levels:

The more bodies in the hot tub (maximum 6) the less water is required to be in the tub. Every person will raise the level by 5 to 7cm  We recommend that you fill the hot tub to the recommended level 10cm above the highest seat level and heat the water;  it is then easy to add more water rather than heat a larger amount of water you will then need to drain off. If you need to drain water out of the hot tub there is a tap located at the side. If the water is too hot, cold water should be added and any excess water drained off using the tap . DO NOT let the hot tub overflow.



You will be supplied with ample chemicals in a closed container suitable for the duration of your hire period, do not use or add addition chemicals to the water other than the chemicals supplied by Fermanagh Lodges. DO NOT add bubble bath, foam wash or any form of washing up liquid of any description.



A cover is supplied with the hot tub. Keep the cover on the hot tub at all times when it is not being used . When the hot tub is coming to temperature the cover should be left on so the hot tub can heat up. Only remove the cover when using the hot tub never leave the hot tub unsupervised without replacing the cover.  Whenever the hot tub is ready, the cover should be removed. This is a two person job. Do not stand or sit on the cover, and any damage to the cover will be taken out of your deposit. Replace the cover at the end of each time you use the hot tub it will keep your water warm and keeps the hot tub secure. You are responsible for the hot tub while you have it on hire.


Hot Tub Use and Rules:

Please abide by the following rules to ensure your use of the hot tub is safe:

  • No consumption of alcohol or drugs, food or drink during hot tub use.
  • Swim wear must be worn at all times.
  • Do not sit on the edge of the hot tub, rather use the seats provided in the tub.
  • Shower before getting into the hot tub and ensure feet are clean to avoid debris getting into the water.
  • No glasses, crockery, phones, or any other items should be in or near the hot tub.
  • No more than 6 persons in the hot tub at any given time.
  • No children under the age of 10 are allowed in the hot tub and any children over the age of 10 must be supervised at all times i.e. accompanied by an adult.
  • Please seek medical confirmation when using the hot tub to ensure it is safe for you to do so, especially if you have an underlying medical condition.
We recommend you spend no longer than 30 minutes at a time in the hot tub.

Your accommodation:

We ask you to please be mindful of your accommodation when using the hot tub, and take care not to bring excessive amounts of water back into your accommodation. Towels have been provided and extra are available on request. Please also be mindful of other accommodations and guests staying. We ask you to please keep the volume to a minimum past 10pm, and to finish using your Hot Tub at midnight.



Fermanagh Lodges are not liable for any injury or damage caused to you, or your property during hot tub hire. Fermanagh Lodges reserve the right to refuse hire, or cancel hire during a booking if it is deemed that the hot tub is being used incorrectly. You agree that Fermanagh Lodges Hot Tub Hire accept no liability for any personal injury or damage to any persons or property suffered during the period of your usage.



In an emergency please contact the emergency services by dialling 999.